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December 06, 2006


Derrek Cooper

CFD is definitely moving to the "left".. Many products out there in the Upfront CFD market..

Derrek Cooper

Yannis, yes check the ability of writing an SAT/Acis file from AutoCAD. Better yet, get your hands on Inventor, an Autodesk product. What CFD program are you using in school?


Hello guys...i am a student in a Univeristy of Greece but that s not the case..actually i m going to use CFD for my i have a big problem..i dont know if it s possible to transfer models from AutoCad to CFD..And if it is i would be grateful if sb could explain to me how i can achieve that.. Thx

Arnold Rowntree

"We recently added... to our offering."

I would love to see CFD move to the 'left' too. Christiano, do you stand to profit if it does?
Good for you if you do.

What's needed to open the door is information and tuition more than bundled software.

Cristiano Sacchi

You will find a good overview of FEA and FEM on Wikipedia on these pages: Finite Element Analysis and FEM.


i am not familiar with FEM/FEA...what is it?..

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