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December 18, 2006


Hans Van Even

Hi Franco, many thanks for your answer, I just send you a mail, for some reason, I never recieved this mail, same for your copy of it. I checked my SPAM folder, but didn't found anything there. Maybe there's something wrong with the email adress ? Thanks for the help and Merry Christmas. Hans

Franco Folini

Hi Hans,
First of all, thank you for your order. Our system immediately, and automatically sends out a confirmation e-mail to the address provided. You might need to check your e-mail spam folder; sometimes this kind of messages can trigger even the best anti-spam filters. I just sent you a copy of the confirmation e-mail.
Please feel free to contact me at my personal e-mail,

Happy Holidays,
Franco Folini

Hans Van Even

Hello, I just placed an order on your website (Strata 3D CX5) but I didn't recieve a confirmation e-mail, is this normal ?




We never store credit cards in our database. Once the bank transaction has been completed we immediately remove your credit card information from our computers and there is no record of it left anywhere. Also, all the communication between our computers and your browser is encrypted. However, if you feel more comfortable paying with a check, please feel free to send it with a copy of your order to our address.

Remi Sampang

How can I be sure my credit card info is protected? Can I just mail you a check?

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