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March 28, 2007


Sean Kelly

When Acrobat Reader is loading it loads a lot of plugins into memory during startup that you usually don't need.

Take a look under
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 8.0\Acrobat\plug_ins

I moved all my plugins into a backup folder (except for EWH32.api, printme.api, and search.api) and the startup time is lightening fast.



I've never experienced Acrobat crashing, and is perhaps the most stable software I run. OTOH, v6 was painfully slow in starting up, and v8 is curiously slow in shutting down.

There is so little blogging spam that keeping comments turned off or moderated is a weak excuse. When turned off, your site looks dead; when moderated, you make more work for yourself!

Robin Capper

I moderate comments & trackbacks occasionally, a recent example being when off-line for a week, and like you reserve the right to delete offensive comments and obvious spam. I have trackback moderation on currently as am getting quite a few spam trackbacks.
I also recently dropped Adobe Reader for Foxit but more because of the updater than Reader itself.

Doug Halliday

Hello Franco,

You’re absolutely correct on this. I won’t provide any excuses, just my apologies for having not posted your comment yet. I’m glad to do so now, if that is okay with you. I do welcome comments – positive and negative – and will try to be sure they appear in a more timely manner moving forward. Keep up the great work, your site is great reading and very thought-provoking.

Doug Halliday, Adobe

Franco Folini

on this blog, for example, all comments are published immediately (as you have just experienced). As every other blogger, I reserve the right to remove or edit comments that are not related to this blog topics or in some way offensive for our readers. So far all comments we received were OK and I never had to exercise this prerogative.

Deelip Menezes

I have faced the same situation so many times. A moderated blog is basically a one way conversation. The argument that moderation is necessary to prevent spam falls apart because all the blogging software that I have come across has tools to take care of spam.

In my opinion a blog that is moderated is not worth commenting upon. There may be a few exceptions. But the majority of these blogs belong to spineless people.

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