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March 05, 2007


Alex Mazzardo

Hello Joaquin,

you are eligible for a free upgrade as you purchased your license in December 2006 when release 7.5 had been already announced.

solidThinking 7.5 introduces several user interface refinements especially in the shading panel.

Among the new features:

New plug-in integration of Next Limit’s Maxwell Render.

Redesigned and improved native renderer with Final Gather (global illumination), HDR environment lighting, and hundreds of preset materials, lights and environments.

Enhanced scene and construction history management with unlimited modeling layers, drag-and drop organization, visual Construction Tree.

Refined user-interface for easier modeling, rendering, animation, dimensioning, and file interchange.

Improved file I/O modules for increased compatibility with external applications.

Joaquin Kiley

Will there be an upgrade version for Design 7.0 and how much will it be? Also, how is the user interface improved and what other major changes are there?


Joaquin Kiley

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