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June 25, 2007


Bryan Dressler


It is obvious we need to talk more often...I didn't know how rich your background is!
And I've known for how many years ?!?


A blog reader

I wanted to take time to thank you for this interesting site. I found it to be helpful and full of great information. I look forward to more being posted in the future.

Franco Folini

Link fixed!
Thank you Pete.


the link does not work!

Michael Schettine

A new trend is about to develop in the CAD world. Data rich files have the ability to enhance the construction industry further, builders are starving for more data... We call this new form of information data sharing a "BIT" (Building Information Templates). Today, information technology is shared between design/engineering but drops the ball when the information is complete. Why, is this wide information still projected on d size paper to the actual builder...doesn't he need to streamline this crucial data too, of course he dose. Templates provide the seamless transfer of data where it belongs, on-site to reduce building cycles and to promote BIM with a new way of completing the "open loop", that is one of the main causes of fragmentation in the building trades today. To close this "open loop" BITs have what it takes to extend and complete the data transfer in a very logical way, gone are the days of Blueprint confusion on-site. This why the AccuFrame System was patented in the US. Stay tuned, DuPont has invested, HP has interest in this new product because in testing BITs have produced 15% or more in labor savings building homes with zero errors. BIT technology is the next "natural" advancement in CAD/CAM and will expand to new levels of integration between the design/engineering and "On-site Manufacturing".

Thank you, and stay tuned.

Michael Schettine
President SAI

Leslie Gordon

Hi, I wanted to thank you for your comment on my MACHINE DESIGN blog (link)

I read your informative interview, and found it quite interesting.

--Leslie Gordon

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