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September 20, 2007




I have the same problem. I report the problem to Google but not haven't response yet.

I post this to my blog.


This anecdote eerily reminds me of that short story written by Primo Levi in the 1960s, titled "Dans l'intérêt du public" (in the French edition). The phone system got too clever, and decided on its own to put people in contact with each other. In the end, the poor machine had to be "killed".

Franco Folini

I'm a Gmail user, but all my Gmail is automatically redirected to my Yahoo! Mail account. I can't stand the Gmail interface. Also I never received any document like that by e-mail. I'm sure those document are coming from some bug in the Google code.


Are you a Gmail user? When you open Word attachments in Gmail using the "open as Google document" link they are automatically imported. That surprised me too until I remembered receiving documents as email attachments.

Saptarshi Purkayastha

That's quite unbelievable of Google to leave such a bug open. I cant imagine they didnt do enough testing, not to find such a compromising bug!! I see others having the same experience as you... Very dangerous!!

Jimmy Bergmark

Your not alone finding problems.
Google Closes Presentations Security Flaw After 15-Hour Breach

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