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April 29, 2008


Franco Folini

Thank you Anne,
Lenny Kikstra has been one of the first bloggers to be added to Pulse.
You can't see his posts on Novedge Pulse because Pulse goes back only two weeks while his latest post is older than that. As soon as Lenny post something new on his blog Novedge Pulse "spider" will add it to Pulse within 2 hours.


Anne Yust

This is unrelated, but I just read SolidSmack's "Putting Names with CAD Blog Faces" post, and I noticed at least one great one missing: Lenny Kikstra. Here's his URL:
Sorry, I didn't know which link to use to report this.
Thanks ~ Anne


great franco. you're gonna destroy my feed numbers :) - this is cool man. it will actually increase it i think. I've already found some others to add to my morning feed list.

thanks for the hard work on this!

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