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June 11, 2008


Evan Yares

Regarding Ben's comment:

ShareCAD, from Phase2 seems to be a legitimate SaaS application. And it looks very interesting.

What I'm looking for, and what I'm not certain that the major vendors are capable of providing, are applications that meet these two criteria:

1. The application authors complex structured 2D/3D graphics data, and,

2. The authored data, in its native form, is used as part of a heterogeneous workflow.

I agree with Ben's assessment that I was "almost correct." Had I been a bit more explicit (instead of just saying "serious solutions"), I would have been more correct.

Ben Kepes

Evan is almost correct about CAD SaaS however not quite...

I posted a few months ago (Link) about Phase2 who are offering a SaaS delivered AutoCad collaboration offering - not 100% CAD SaaS but pretty close.


Great interview, guys. You hit a lot of they key topics in the CAD industry.

I'd like to see more interviews like this.

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