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December 16, 2008


Chris Williams

I have not completed the article but couldn't wait to comment. I have had the pleasure of meeting Al face-to-face, glass-to-glass and plate-to-plate... This means I have bought him food and drink. What I think is spot on is the fact that Al makes a point about content. He is right, that people want content and they don't really care the delivery medium. What makes Al's content, content worth reading is that he puts his heart and beleif on the line.

I learned the content lesson at Seemage from a great freind Alex. Now at I will stay true to the words, content is king.

Gabi Jack

Great interview! Keep up the good work, Franco and Al too!

al dean

Thanks Jeff.. Editing? not a fat lot. I saw it online and cringed at the typos and errors - but I think that's more acceptable than taking out the good stuff..

Kyle Mason

Great read...Al is a great guy

Jeff Mirisola

Excellent interview, Franco and Al.
Out of curiosity, Al, how much self-editing did you do before you sent Franco your replies?

Mark Burhop

Guys, this was an enjoyable read. Thanks for putting it together.

There are certainly a number of "early adopter" CAD folks getting involved with blogs, twitter, some ning sites, etc.

Its growing quickly but do you think it will remain a niche in CAD? Or will it become like email - everyone will use it?

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