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January 08, 2009


Richard Williams

I am so happy to see progressive thinkers like Mr. Daniel Ha and Mr. Franco Folini, move into the forefront of social web sites. After joining a few of these sites I have come to the conclusion that more can be done on an individual basis for world peace promotion and understanding then the UN has done over the many years of it's existance. I do not take a hard stand for or against any country or culture, including my own and keep an open mind into our differences. In doing so I have become friends with many people around the world. Multiply my efforts by many hundreds of thousands and most likely many millions of others out there and you see how understanding and world peace has moved out from and in front of government organizations. Now we have the very real handshake between peoples far and wide from each other. Social Internet Peace Initiative. SIPI Great job you both are doing.

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