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June 16, 2009


Richard Williams

Al, has a great way of hitting at the future truth even before it takes place. I believe him to be absolutely correct in what he has said here and as one who has reviewed his basic video tutorials I can honestly say that I tried them on a normal six year old boy and he picked it up so quick that in three weeks time he was sending me edrawings of his work from next door. :) You do great work Al. Great interview Mr. Folini

Iris Florea

"I am one of the older folks that needed to learn SolidWorks to the level of becoming production competitive in a very short time; I followed AL's suggestions and recommendations, and I learned the software".
From my brief e-mails with AL, it was easy to notice that he loves and understands SolidWorks, it is not a business issue, there is passion for the capabilities of this software.
In what regards Help File vs. CD Training, he is right again, they serve different purposes. And CD training is more effective then in person, classroom type training for the detail, depth, repeatability features that tend to disappear in a classroom that is scheduled for a couple of days, and the 3D understanding level of the students is so wildly different.
To close this posting, I hope AL will develop several new different training CDs that will give people like me the possibility to learn fast and correctly new SolidWorks modules:
1. A training bundle for CSWA and CSWP.
2. Motion Study and Simulation
3. SolidWorks Simulations package for both static and dynamic analysis ( stress, heat transfer, frequency analysis, fatigue, etc.
I know this is an ambition and demanding request; but AL can make it happen, and be an outstanding training program success."

Al Whatmough


Thanks for running this! and it was a pleasure talking with you.



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