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June 08, 2009



Well, for starters, you can buy this terrific new 3D modeler here from Novedge and save $50.00. Secondly, The problem with Sketchup Pro is that is not a True Solid Modeler. And this means if try to import Sketchup files into other solid and parametric 3D modeling and rendering programs the result is more times then not, poor geometric Solids and many professional that I know say the imported geometry is a complete mess. Conversely, BonZai 3D is a True Solid / Surface modeler and with great NURBS tools for surfacing as well as really nice OpenGL support. Of course, ADS has just released is maiden BonZai 3D 1.0 program. I think in near future that ADS will add to BonZai a first class rendering engine. If you are going to use Sketchup pro for 3D Models and then import in to AutoCAD for 2D construction Docs, then I am sure it is O.K. The problem lies with other more capable Solid/Surface molders that are on the market. Also, from what I read on Sketchups forum is that Google does not seem to be in any hurry to release more powerful features in Sketchup Pro. So, stating the above, do you still feel that Bonzai 3D will not sell well? I simply disagree.


B3 looks really great (I have yet to download the deno), but I'm quite worried how it will survive at its current asking price of $500 or so, considering that the 'basic' version of SketchUp is free to download- and the Pro SU version also being cheaper than B3. That coupled with that mind blowing DD parametric plug-in for SU, I really don't see how B3 is going to compete :?

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