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October 12, 2009


Kevin De Smet

Marketing is part of being a business. It's not an evil, though of course, it can be.

kamera stative

If they are providing good solutions and services then may be they don't have need for marketing there products. Apart from that they are the only leaders in the field.

Former VX User

VX marketing is beyond terrible.

Marketing VX as mainly a mold and die package was the biggest mistake VX ever made.

If Mark Vorwaller doesn't step up and replace their marketing person with someone who can get the job done VX is going to continue it's slow downward spiral. At one time VX had a huge lead on almost everyone. Now they are far behind.

Dave Ault

I have been a customer of VX since version 9 and they are now on 14. There have been some years where I have been terribly disappointed with problems but with the advent of 14 virtualy all of these are no longer issues thankfully as it has been a long haul to get here.
I would recommend VX without reservations with the following caveats. VX IS primarily a mold and die package and can design all thats needed there. They are not an MCAD package and if you need to do things like sheet metal, routing for piping and electrical look elsewhere. The emphasis on Mold and Die is also reflected in sadly a lack of lathe in cam where mostly people will use available components for turned parts instead of making them in house. For most job shops this is a deal killer because they do both turning and milling and want one program to do both. Persistent rumors dating back as long as a few years ago now have it that they will have lathe one day and I think [hope] it is so but until I really see it there remain doubts about this in my mind.
The pluses are really great complex surfacing and healing of bad stuff you may get in imports. Import capabilities at this time are very robust and I have no complaints here any more of significance. The sketcher is well done and the right click menus save lots of travel and hunting for commands. Thankfully they have not jumped on that stupid ribbon bar bandwagon either. I do enjoy one click in the cam plan get to editing a part and one click to get back to the cam plan and if you have never had the priveledge of doing this I can tell you that your missing something.
I disagree entirely with the word of mouth marketing concept. This is the chief reason VX does not have more market share as they are good value for the money but no one knows about it and whose shop can you go to and see it in operation if you can't find "word of mouth" users? It is quite clearly a failure of upper management to understand the value of social networking in increased salesand to users which could have additional resources to get help, get jobs, and companies that use the stuff to get work. When this happens users brag on their software and refer others to it which results in, you guessed it, increased sales for the company. Any company that stays hidden behind the front door when someone comes knocking will not be invited to the dance very often I should think.

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