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January 06, 2007


Lee Ambrosius

Man I was left off the list and my site is ranked higher than Lynn's; which puts her at #10. Anyways I turned ads on my site for 1 month to see how much could be pulled in, and I for one didn't see the benefit behind it and it makes the site not as professional looking in my opinion. Anyways, congrats on those that are pulling in some cash to at least pay for their blog.

Edwin Muirhead

Hi folks, just found you via Ralph's site, and it's an interesting topic... Seems to be mainly Autodesk-related sites mentioned, since they're more popular and appeal to a wider audience, but here's a couple of Pro/E-related offerings: Pro/E FAQ and CADminBlog


Randall Newton

I must be doing something wrong (g). I'm not listed above, I'm not using Google AdSense, and I am making good money. Not good enough to be my sole source of income--yet--but still it's a profitable business. I (try to) run AECnews in a professional fashion. I know it looks like a blog, but I call it an "online journal." I guess that comes from my training and experience as a journalist. Your mileage may vary.

Mark W. Kiker

Wow - I am joining the comment game a little late here. That is because I don't really read a whole lot of blogs. I read them, but do so randomly and not consistently.

I write my blog, journal and web site because I want to raise the bar on what a CAD Manager is and does. I desire to see everyone with that title be the best they can be. I want the title to mean something. I want the industries we serve to respect the position.

Melanie Perry

Ralph... You bring up something interesting there.

I also blog because I'm obsessive about writing... but, I also fear editorial rejection and living up to the standards of a person/company who pays me for my words. Yes, I have query letters... but, I never send them. ;-p

So, if we didn't have our blogs, what would we do? I think I'd print out my ramblings and start sticking them under people's windshield wipers.
:-/ Yes, I could see me in the middle of a windy parking lot... brr.


Why do I blog? Because I am obsessive about writing.

I wonder if it would be legit to add in the numbers for my other two blogs, Gizmos Grabowski and The Digital Camera Fan.

I need to clarify that the $150 (or so) I make from Google ads each month is from all ad locations -- the three blogs plus my Web site.

Sean Dotson

This really is not a true representation of the "popularity" of CAD blogs. My site has continually been underrepresented by Technorati because of the "custom" blog type interface I have (which is tired into a discussion forum as the comment system). A better rating system would be page view or Google Page Rank. I've posted a bit more info at:


Nice post, Franco! I have a CAD-related programming blog at:

[the more direct link is, which has a better score given the individual posts are all under this URL rather than the redirecting one]

Living in the intersection between CAD and programming blogs is pretty nichy, but there you go. The ranking seems pretty decent, considering.

Melanie Perry

Hmm, good to know I'm not losing out on anything. I didn't start a blog to make money. I started it to supplement and then replace a time-consuming newsletter for my Local User Group. A quick way to give them news (because their email clients send my messages straight to the bin) and some AutoCAD tips, of course, I'm in a niche field (Facilities Management), so it's no suprise if my score stays low, because even my CAD tips tend to have more of a document management use much moreso than drafting/design.

I do read all of the CAD blogs I come across, you never know what interesting/handy thing you'll stumble on. It's pretty seldom that I click on ad links, though.


Three quick comments:

1 - I have no intent to make any money with adsense on my blog. Merely cover my hosting charges at GoDaddy...which is working fine so far.

2 - I also don't consider myself a CAD blogger (or PLM, PDM, CAE, etc.) . As I said in a post to respond to my "outing" by Ralph, my blog is a personal one (some may call it a 'cat' blog) and while I work at UGS and post some things related to my job, I don't want people coming to my blog expecting 24 hour coverage of the newest CAD widget and get disappointed when I write about my latest exploits with a post hole digger on my farm.

3 - it's kellEy with an extra e...

Dana Breig Probert

The interesting thing is, that despite having such a low (meaning high) technorati score, Civil 3D Rocks still, despite being abadonded from a technical perspective, still receives between 250-500 page loads on weekdays. Is there a way to throw hits/page loads into the mix? And because we all get paid so much for blogging (cough cough) I am sure we can talk everyone in to forming an elaborate registry and statistics compiling organization, right? ;)

Franco Folini

Hi Dana,
I found your name on Civil 3D Rocks, a blog with a low score (2.4 Million). I didn't know you are also writing on the more popular Civil3D. At this point, I'm not sure makes sense to keep updating the original list. Also, the situation is very fluid, many ranks are already different. I'll wait a while and I will publish an updated version and I make sure to include Civil 3D.

Dana Breig Probert

You know, has a Technorati score of 171,678

If James hadn't forced me to abandon Civil 3D Rocks in August (OK, just kidding James, I left willingly) I am sure rocks would have a better score than 2.4Million. :)

Owen Wengerd

From the comments here, I theorize that all those millions of pages are served to only a small handful of fellow bloggers that spend most of their time checking out the competition. And for the record, I got here via Shaan Hurley's blog. :)

Franco Folini

@Jimmy: Thank you for the suggestion! I added the popular RobiNZ blog to the list (almost at the top!)

@Dana: I'll give you some time to improve your blog Technorati ranking. Next list I promise to include your blog.

Jimmy Bergmark

Don't forget RobiNZ (Robin Capper) CAD blog that ranks real high.
Rank: 82,598

David Davis

Where would other "related" blogs such as All Points Blog fit into this?

I think the largest blog I subscribe to is James Fee's blog, but his isn't CAD so probably not really relevant.

Dana Breig Probert

Hey man, Civil 3D Rocks made a grand total of $.36 in adsense in the month of December! That's good money.... or at least that is what I mutter to myself when I go to sleep at 4AM.

James Wedding

Hey, just had to check it out after Shaan posted it. Good to see where we rank, and good to know that I'm not losing out on my fortune by not using adsense.

Good research, Franco!

Evan Yares

I suppose I should have hooked my blog up to Technorati some time ago. In any case, my traffic is split between and so the rating isn't really that representative. No ads on my blog at this point.

Robin Capper

There are many benefits from blogging but, from my experience anyway, don't expect to get rich!

Jimmy Bergmark

Too quick on posting. I just noticed that this included AdSense for my website as well. The AdSense for only my blog is not as much. :(

Jimmy Bergmark

AdSense is definately not a reason to blog but I got something out of it anyway. Even more than Ralph. ;-)

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