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January 03, 2007


Jennifer Herron

I am in the process of convincing the aerospace industry that moving toward model-centric practices is an essential step to their mission success and increasing productivity to meet their shrinking schedules. I would appreciate any feedback in this area, especially metrics that would show a model-centric benefit. Can you tell me if there are other industries that are truly embracing the model-centric approach?

See my comments about aerospace and model-centric design at:

Franco Folini

Chris CAD,
I won’t be so radical. Changes happen all the time, and if there are clear economic benefits, people will accept them. In the past many new technologies found their way despite being "disruptive" for the existing status quo. If 3D can prove to significantly improve the design and manufacturing process, then 2D will survive only as a byproduct. In all this please consider the inertia of the manufacturing sector: we are talking about millions of professional workers and hundreds of thousands of companies.

Chris CAD

According to the recent Aberdeen Group Report, 85% of CAD users still using 2D. While I agree that 3D systems can be improved, I see many users not so happy about the transition from 2D to 3D. No more humble draftsmen doing the "dirty and boring" tasks for highly paid designers. Now designers will have to sit in front of their computers and learn to use a 3D CAD system. This is just one example of the many changes coming with the 2D to 3D transition. Every time there is a big organizational change the power inside a company gets redistributed. If you gain you favor the change, if you loose you oppose it.

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