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March 07, 2007


Alexandre Villares

As a VectorWorks training consultant ( and plug-in developer I was very happy to see such a nice interview featuring my favorite CAD software at Novedge.

Dan Wodarcyk

As an exhibit designer, with many exhibit design friends and colleagues, it's amazing how Vector Works (formerly Mini Cad) has permeated this market. My main wish is that they would increase their amount of workshops, mainly so we can best learn to utilize the whole program in our profession and not just remain one of those 20% users.

Marek Stoklosa, Architect

Thank you very much for the informative interview.
VW12 has been a tremendous boost over version 11, in the preformance for our small architectural firm.
You are right that with time new features are being applied while we work, making the process floow much faster.

I must say that no matter how many of the program features are being used VW12 delivers, and it is fun to work with.

Often people struggle with computer programs and the learning curves, nothing like that with Vector Works.

I consider myself a power user and still learn a lot daily!
Thank you for the geat product!

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