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March 14, 2007


Yasutoshi Oyamada

Hi Bob,

How are you? I have taken a picture with you at the Rhino users meeting in Japan 2004. Well it's so long ago.

It is so interesting to know the history of your company. Your background is public accounting. I used to be a Rhino handling designer and now studying a business. And all business books tells that the accounting is the most important skill to succeed. And you have started from it. That's a great information. I bet your company will prosper more. Then I want you to write your autobiography one day. I'd love to read it.

- Yasutoshi Oyamada

Milton Graham

Thank you correcting a major deficit in earlier versions of Autocad, which are its 3D capabilities. I am a model airplane designer builder and as such, have relatively sophisticated needs for my CAD programs. Solidworks has become the "darling" of the RC model airplane community because of its parts assembly capabilities which allow the "disassembly" of those parts and, feasibility for laser cutting. Do you foresee Rhino moving in this direction in the near future? Also, model aviation designer\engineers are starting to take advantage of the "motion animation" feature in these high-end MCAD programs to handle complex scale retractable landing gear assemblies and other moveable parts. Is this also in Rhino's future? Serious model aviation enthusiast look for "one program" solutions for their modeling needs as opposed to the multiple platforms solutions generally accepted in other manufacturing and design disciplines. Can Rhino gradually become a "one-stop" solution of choice?

Bob McNeel


Thank you for the feedback.

As for marine design, we are not experts in every design discipline so we rely on third-party developers to provide the more specialized tools. In the case of marine design, RhinoMarine is a good example. See

Also, our development team is always monitoring the Rhino support newsgroup to better understand what is needed. The fastest way to get new features into Rhino is to post your ideas on the support newsgroup. You can find it at:

Thanks again for your feedback.

- Bob McNeel


First of all, I would like thank the folks at rhinoceros 3d for making an outstanding program.
With that being said, I would like to know if they plan on making 5.0 more user friendly toward naval design, as I like to design warships in particular. I know there are tutorials out there, but I was hope they could incorperate better design tools to make the process smarter and faster, perhaps pre-designed shapes that could be moulded into the designers final product. Also, I really think the un-roll command is very handy, and would like to see this feature developed more to assist designers in making cardmodels from their 3d models.
Finally, reducing the polygons I would like to see something incorperated into Rhino like VIZUP if possible to aid in game designing. Again Thanks, Mike G.

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