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April 10, 2007



There's a difference between a product that doesn't work, the Mac version of Maxwell, and say Artlantis and Maya, two programs I have used extensively.

Version1.0 of Maxwell was 6 monts late? a year late?

It really doesn't matter. This guy has burned his bridges with the majority of Mac users who believed in him. It's time to move onto something else backed by a reputable company.


Franco Folini

Thank you Jack, James and William for posting your opinions and questions about Maxwell Render and the interview.

A few days ago I asked Victor Gonzalez to replay to those questions and comments and I'm waiting for him to post here his answers.

In the mean time I would like to express my personal opinion for the problems some users are experiencing with the Mac version of Maxwell Render. While I'm aware of some of those problems I don't agree with William's comment for 2 major reasons:

1. The trial version of Maxwell Render has been available for all Mac and Win users since day 1. IMHO, this is the kind of program people should try before investing $900- $1,000.

2. When you buy the version 1.0 of a product based on a new technology, you should be prepared to accept some compromise and imperfections. If you are inflexible or you demand perfection, you should choose more mature technologies and products.



Maxwell's Mac version has been useless for the most part. The product was buggy and unusable for a very long time. It would crash on launch. The plugins have had to be rewritten by users because they haven't worked with the Mac file system. Insead of takign these concerns seriously, Victor has blamed the users. He kinda' reminds me of George Bush--he had an interesting idea and then completely screwed up the implementation and many of us have no choice but to walk away from the mess that Maxwell for Mac OS X.

If Victor had any class or took responsibility for his actions, he would return the money of those users who have found his product to be little more than a shipping beta. But he gives interviews and doesn't spend time to fix the users he has shat upon.

James Boughton

Soft soft interview. No mention or explanation of certain "business partners" No explanation of some of the world's all time worst technical support and overall blanket ignoring of customers looking for explanation.


Good interview. I am wondering, though, what Victor's thoughts are about the emergence of Fryrender? It seems as though it popped up quickly (and long after Maxwell was initiated) and it has already added significant functionality that Maxwell users have been wanting for some time. Will Maxwell be able to compete with Fryrender?

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