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April 18, 2007


Jon Banquer

For those interested in understanding more about the types of tools needed to working with non-native CAD data Kubotek has a video which can be downloaded on their web site that shows how their Direct Dimension-driven Editing works.

Please note I don't work for Kubotek and I don't use their product KeyCreator. Our shop uses MasterCAM and SolidWorks and both MasterCAM and SolidWorks would benefit greatly from the technology that Kubotek has with thier Direct Dimension-driven Editing.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

Donato Mangialardo

Yes, great interview Franco. I always wondered about Alibre's positioning and this interview makes it clear. In fact, I cannot agree more on Greg's vision about the approach the "transition" to 3D. Use 3D at your own pace on the projects where it makes more sense. See the value and increase its usage and adoption as appropriate. It will work best with some users/companies than others, but definitely far better than changing business processes to accomodate a full 3D transition because "3D is all you need". One thing that is missing though, just like other products including Solidwoks and Inventor. If 2D and 3D were *fully* seamless integrated as a true, single "workspace", where you use them indifferently for the task at hand, the life is users would be much easier. I wonder why we do not see such thing in today's marketplace (besides the usual claims). There are some closer than others, but still nobody is there yet - and not even planning to get there. Too late? Too expensive? Non worth the effort because "the market share we have is good enough"?
As a last note, I'd like to see an interview with one of the founders of SpaceClaim. Keep up the great job Franco!

Steven Kempton

Great interview Franco, it's great to understand how Alibre will compete in the market. But more importantly that they value the new user so much. I really believe that a lot more people will be using 3D design software in the future and if industry leaders like Greg feel that same way then there is no doubt the tools will be there to encourage complete beginners to jump in.

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