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June 07, 2007


Donato Mangialardo

One small correction regarding Franco's comment "Other companies, like think 3, tried long before SpaceClaim to sell CAD on a subscription basis. They didn’t succeed."

As far as think3, they first introduced the subscription model. If they did not succeed, that was not because of that model for sure, which I believe is a winner one, and it is being adopted by more and more companies including the Enterprise Software space

John Burrill

Once a design iteration has been explored in spaceclaim, what do you envision as the next step for the project manager or engineer using it to incorporate those solutions back into the production cad model?

Howie Markson

SpaceClaim does use an inference engine to understand geometric relationships. We do not use a constraint manager.


Mark Dalmen

Do SpaceClaim uses some sort of inference engine or a constraint manager like d-cubed?
-- Mark

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