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June 14, 2007



Joe, his wife, and all of the tech support people really stand behind their product and make one hell of a product to stand behind! I wish every company was so easy to work with. These guys know what they're doing, but are not arrogant about what they know. Thanks, congrats!, keep up the great work!


I have known Joe for last many years. Although, we have competing CAD/CAM products, I have always found him to be very friendly and open to ideas. I always make it a point to drop in at Mecsoft, whenever I'm in Irvine area. Great folks make great software !

Joe Gay

I find the staff at Mecsoft to be very polite and helpful, however the manual is very inaccurate causing a need to make several otherwise unnecessary phone calls. The learning curve for a beginner is greatly lengthened because of the lack of quality instructional publications. I would gladly pay an extra fifty dollars for the software if it came with a quality manual like Rhino does. I would be very interested in an after market book if there are any available. I know on of the tutorials on line and otherwise these are nice bot not the best learning tool. A good book of instructions and some accurate tutorials is whats needed.


Joe Gay

Joe Anand

Thanks for the nice comments Jon, Ted and Prof. Louis. It is gratifying to know that we are in some small measure living up to our customers' expectations. We have some exciting products planned for 2007 and we are aiming for the same sort of customer acceptance for these as well. So stay tuned!

Prof. M. Louis

We have been using this software to teach our students in Coimbatore, India and in our experience it is user friendly, technically advanced, and the students are coming up to speed very fast. That is why I think their software VisualMill has customers not only in US but also in Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, India, etc.
I wish them all success in their future enhancements and look forward to seeing their new products.

Ted (aka smallshop)

Nice interview. I have VisualMill and RhinocCAM pro and am very happy with the productivity I have been able to achieve. I thought using VisualMill and SolidWorks was a great combo but now that I have RhinoCAM Pro I'm just delighted by what I can do. VisualMill running in Rhino? Unbeatable.....

"There are so many wonderful and talented CAD companies out there that it just does not make sense for us to try to compete with them. It is much better for our customers if we can leverage the synergies of best of breed organizations to create truly best of breed solutions. In the end the customer benefits and that really is our primary driver."

This quote by Joe Anand hits the nail on the head. They haven't watered down their efforts by doing stuff that isn't their strong suit.

Btw, both Joe and his wife are super nice to deal with as are the other employees. I don't know them well because I only needed their help when I first got rolling with this software but they made getting going a good experience.

I also have had the same kind of treatment with the Rhino folks. Neither company charges maintenance but you wouldn't know it by the expert help you receive. These companies "get it"....

I'm really happy with this software

Jon Banquer

The CADCAM business is filled with unethical people.
Joe Anand is the exception to the rule. I can't wait to see the progress in Visual Mill 6 and RhinoCAM 2 as I would sure like to have a legitimate alternative to GibbsCAM and MasterCAM.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

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