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August 28, 2007




I want to load/view 3D DWG/DXF/DWF files with following functionalities:
-Get list of layers in file and switch them ON/OFF

Is there any SDK for this purpose please? I am looking for it for like last 2 weeks. I have found few SDKs/APIs but they all reads/show 2D drawings and dont provide 3DOrbit functionality

I haven't looked at AutoCAD OEM not sure if it provides these functionalities?
I hope you know some SDK for this purpose and will help me finding it.

Thanks in advance,


Jimmy Bergmark

Hi, I could not subscribe to the comments or get notifications so the answer is a bit late.

To your question on ObjectARX or VB.NET. It all depends on what you want to do. Both are the future. VB.NET is easier to get started with and often you can do everything you want with VB.NET. But there are some limitations and if you reach these you might consider ObjectARX.

Prabhav Mishra

I am a computer engg and working on cad custmization.
I am new to this field, I know and basics of c++, prior to that i integrate unigraphics with .net

I want to know that which platform is gud for me in cad custmization
ObjectARX or VB.Net

What is the future of Object ARX in CAd custmization.

Thanks in Advance

Jimmy Bergmark

Amit, your question was quite general but CAD customization is when you customize a CAD software in different ways. It could be that you change the user interface like menus and toolbars or it can be adding new or better functionality. Not sure what you mean with "future scope in cad customizations" though.


I am a mechanical engineer. I know a few CAD softwares and I would like to ask about CAD customizations. What is CAD customizations? What is the future and scope in CAD customizations?

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