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August 29, 2007


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» catching them in the act from 3D Ubiquity
I saw something very interesting on the Novedge blog that's definately worth getting out there. A really neat tool called Wikipedia Scanner lets anyone check the anonymous editing of Wikipedia pages. For example, you can find out who made changes to wiki [Read More]



That's a neat tool. Here's one I found in the CFD space (Computational Fluid Dynamics page). Apparently someone from Fluent domain changed:

"STAR-CD - Most used CFD code in the Automotive industry, also strong useage across industries. Reputation for being technology leaders, with CAD-embedded, polyhedral meshing and Computational Continuum Mechanics"


"STAR-CD - Previously the most used CFD code in the Automotive industry (now replaced by FLUENT), also strong useage across industries. Reputation for polyhedral meshing and Computational Continuum Mechanics"

Franco Folini

@Robert B. Price
Most of the time Wikipedia is a reliable source of information. Tools like Wiki-Scanner invented by Virgil Griffith are only making the creation and editing of Wikipedia pages a more transparent and therefore reliable process.

My personal opinion about the specific topic of anonymous edits on Wikipedia is that they should be banned and nobody would ever miss them.

Robert B. Price

Of what use is a supposedly reliable database if anyone in the world can go in and promiscuosly edit the content of the database?

Originally, as I understand it, Wikapedia was supposedly a place to go for reliable information much like an Encyclopedia but not any more. Black can become gray or worse yet, red at the click of a mouse.

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