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October 08, 2007


A. W. Siddiqui

Which software is best for designing cross country oil and gas pipelines?

William O. Glascoe III

What is your valuation of the unused CAD that could be exchanged via the WWW and viewed/interacted with free broswers? I'm speaking about the potential of extensible 3D (ISO/IEC 19777) and give consumers the CAD files to the real products and services they buy for all sorts of personal ownership management applications (e.g., you buy a new 600 sq meter Ryland Home w/furnishings and you get the CAD for all of it; A parcel of land, you get six GIS layers for it; You get a MRI of your brain you get the files via bluetooth before you leave the hospital, etc.) All these files are in X3D with tons of metadata for developers to connect owners/users to human and product life extending services let alone financial accounting and bookkeeping features for investment, insurance, taxes, etc.


Joel, you are a credit to our entire industry and beyond.

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