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December 17, 2007


mohamed rabie mohamed

i want work in italy im work in egypt as a rhino desginer in jewellery and graphic designer my mobil numbern 0106548371

Margaret Becker

It's great to have an "outsider" write a book about Rhino. I, of course, have written a couple of books and a help file for Rhino, but the narrow perspective I have from being part of the development team restricts my outlook on what is important to the users. Ron's work overcomes this restriction. Great work, Ron!

Margaret Becker
Rhino Development Team
Robert McNeel & Associates

Peter Hickey

Good Evening

Although I have not read the book yet, I do hope to find it under my christmas tree next week.

I work as a Naval Architect and have been using Rhino for the past 7 years. Love it then, and it more now.

The question I have for you Ron, is how does Rhino compare to Alias Studiotools. Is it as good as or better?

As a designer, should I look at trying to learn Studiotools or concentrate on improving my Rhino abilities?

Peter Hickey
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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