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June 23, 2008


Tom May

I would like to believe that parametrics gave us a rigorous mathematical foundation for design and manufacturing complex products. Without that foundation in the major MCAD packages, I would have doubts as to whether paperless manufacturing would have been as successful as it is today.

That said, UGS has done a credible job of creating integrated direct modeling, and as Rob mentions, I suspect that over time, PTC will incorporate CoCreate functionality into Pro/e's modeller, and Dassault Systemes will as well incorporate direct modelling into Solidworks.


John Milroy

I am not sure of the dates but other history based systems were around in the late 80's. SDRC (now Siemens/UGS) I-Deas VI.i at that time was very similar (and soon became Master series).
The difference was that it did not have to be fully constrained like ProE, and the linking to the drawings was much more limited.

Rob VH

With PTC's acquisition of CoCreate, I wouldn't be surprised to see direct/explicit modeling capabilities incorporated into Pro/E.

PTC continue to lead the way and have acquired and integrated several industry-leading technologies in recent years to fill out their Product Development System. The result is a slick, powerful art-to-part solution which I'm proud to represent in my part of the world (Western Canada).


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