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October 13, 2008


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Hi Franco, Thanks so much for doing this interview with Biplab. It was easy to work with you. Hey, have fun with your new @FrancoFolini Twitter account.

Nolton Johnson

I design machinery & products. I loved VectorWorks (and the Mac) but I left for SolidWorks (parasolid) in 2001.

Now I love SW but my biggest problem is productivity loss due to the PC & Windows. I was comfortable with direct modeling before and I know the advantages of parametrics now. I can work either way.

Many of us have asked SW to port to the Mac but they won't. I am so sick of PC problems wasting my time that I am probably going to switch to the Mac and use whichever software is best for machinery design. What suggestions do you have?

Nolton [email protected]

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