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July 22, 2009



Thanks, Martha. Try searching on "social media policy" and reading what other companies are doing. There is no one set way to approach the challenge you speak of. But there certainly are a whole lot of people focused on figuring it out.

Martha L.

Really great article.

So what's the secret to convincing upper management that it's OK to let users (even flamers) and non sales/marketing employees to speak their mind publicly.

Traditionally, the company/product "positioning" was owned by marketing. I see the fear and angst in managers' eyes about losing control of brand positioning.

Any suggestions?


Hi Franco. Wow. Well, for as much as I've blogged and posted online content over the years, it's really something to see the Word doc I sent you transformed into a presentation, through your eyes, style and manner. I like it! Though, I do have to add, that I doubt I'm the face of the company beyond social media platforms. Our CEO, CTO and other execs hold that role.

But I'm happy -- and honored -- to be respected by my company and colleagues to be on the edge of our social media activities. And I'm thankful for the opportunity to put my thoughts into words as I wrote the answers to your interview questions.


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