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December 31, 2012



Nice blog and great comment.

Aurora Meneghello

I love to see original sketches on paper by hand. It will be interesting to see how things change in the next 5 years.


I appreciate this very much. I do use paper and pencil for planning most but not all the time. I mostly do this when sitting down with clients. I make notes on paper for convenience - my pencil is always on. This naturally gravitates to little sketches and so on. I also will use hand drawings on sketch paper for some initial presentations of ideas when I suspect a client or an audience might find aesthetic pleasure in them - regardless of the accuracy of the sketches. At this stage of a project it is important to stir creative energy. At this time we are looking at ideas - good territory for both tablet and sketch pad. Later in a project, I've changed course mid stream often enough and done it all on the chip, so to speak. I can't say now how much it matters that I have many years of both kinds of experience - software and graphite. I am certain though that there is something feeding back from hand drawings about creative process which most people actually feel. Is that demographic dying out I wonder - maybe so.

With all this in mind, I have found that there is one tool that comes before paper and pencil or before tablet. It is the very same tool that when used for brainstorming will be invaluable for recognizing an entirely new paradigm, new relevance. For me this tool is as invaluable as an old-school desk lamp.

Ultra Geek Physicist David Bohm used this tool. He called the finished product of it 'coherence'. It is not ideas or imagination as they are a little flakey at times. They depend entirely on perception. Perception is known to be driven entirely by what we think can be done, not by an unlimited open mind. An open mind for me is like an open hand or the space in a cup. Plenty room for the unexpected, surprising, even the shocking yet fresh….an utterly reliable tool for this. No preconditioned ideas and concepts there to get in the way. Coherence best arises out of an empty hand. So I try to start there, to spend a little time there, because what follows is reliably better, more coherent, and, as the physicists like to say: "beautiful, elegant and harmonious." The implications are vast to be sure. Isn't that what we are going for in every New Year? What matter the media after that?

You ask: " Will the tablet be the game changer?" I wonder whether the tablet will make it easier to continue the game that already is, at the inception of ideas, and how creative is that game? The tablet has promise for sure and I'll probably be getting one soon but I do know that it alone will not answer my own quarter century question.

Very Best Wishes to all of you for a New Year

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